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cropped-APIVEO-logo-slogan-R.jpgAPIVEO®: A·PIV·E·O  \ə-pĭv-ē-ō\ (verb) To Always Play IV Each Other : To intentionally serve and care for others in everything you do : To lead through service : When you’re not first…you always win®

APIVEO® equips, encourages and empowers coaches and youth leaders to teach kids about leadership and character.

APIVEO® is a FREE resource helping to build our future leaders.

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APIVEO® Leadership Lesson Topics include


“…after seeing the positive impact on our kids, I wanted to make sure every coach I could reach had the opportunity to use the [APIVEO®] program with their kids.  What you’ve created has helped me to be a real coach and I am grateful for your leadership”.

Jay Conner, Coach and Team Manger Hudson Family Foundation Braves, Auburn, AL


APIVEO® was developed to serve the 4 million volunteers that coach our kids each year. These coaches influence as many as 20-40 million kids on an annual basis. When you add in their parents, we have the opportunity to have a long-lasting positive impact on nearly one third of the American population each year.

While youth sports is where APIVEO® started and currently focuses, the message is universal and meaningful to people of all ages and walks of life. To “Always Play IV Each Other” is the commitment to use your gifts and talents to benefit others. APIVEO® inspires, encourages and resonates with everyone who encounters it.

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